Specially selected Omi beef Gensan provides high quality beef raised on selected ranches.

Our commitment

We provide high quality Omi beef to our customers.

Founded in Meiji 35 (1902) Our goal is to provide the best tasting beef possible.

Our company was founded in the year Meiji 35 (1902) in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, Japan on the shore of Lake Biwa, a historic area famous for ‘Omi Hakkei’, ‘The Eight Lovely Views of Omi’.(‘Omi’ is the traditional name for Shiga).
We take great care to continue the traditional high quality taste created by our founders.

We choose specially selected materials and production areas.

Gensan designated ranches.
Gensan sources beef from approximately 12,000 head of cattle not only from local ‘Omi Beef’ cattle, but also from the best producers throughout Japan.
We carefully manage the number of feeding, watering and fattening days, keeping bonds and a relationship of trust with our producers for many years.
We will provide only safe domestic beef as a reliable producer you can trust.}
You can experience the most delicious beef that you have ever tried.

Company profile

Company name GENSAN FOOD Co.,LTD
Headquarters 3-32 2 Chome Nagara Otsu City Shiga Prefecture, Japan 520-0046
TEL077-524-2929 (main) FAX077-525-3749
Business Production and sales of meat and processed meat.
Operation and supervision of directly-managed meat shops and supermarkets.
Founded in 1902
Established in 1948
Capital 10 million yen
Representative Chairman and Executive Director :Hakutatsu Ueno
President and Representative Director :Takeshi Taniguchi